Cameroon elections: Goment 'shing' for postpone elections, say security go tight

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Image example Cameroon president Paul Biya don dey pawa since 1982

Cameroon goment don 'shing' for postpone elections, say, e go must hold for de same day and date, afta some political parties wan join CRM boycott, di put pressure make deh shift' am.

Na for number 9 day for February 2020 weh kontri pipo go line up, vote for de pipo weh deh go tok for dem for national assembly and run local affairs.

Goment di react afta Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party bin announce dia election boycott, Social Democratic Front, SDF and Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation, CPNR, follow give conditions for take part for elections.

De parties complain say security situation for Anglophone regions still wowo, as deh kidnap candidates, plus admin hold-up, and oda worries.

Wit dis decision 20 percent of Cameroon pipo wey dey live for di Anglophone region fit no vote because about a million pipo don run comot di kontri sake of di wahala for di English speaking region.

But, Rene Emmannuel Sadi goment tok-tok pesin say complains for administrative holp-up no be anytin as na de same wahala for all parties.

Goment say, deh no fit postpone dis elections because President Paul Biya don extend mandate for law makers two taimes and for 18 moons for meet de law.

"For shift election for law makers two taims goment bin also consider de crisis situation for Anglophone regions", Rene Sadi tok.

Goment promise for put tight security, make sure say election take place, dis wan for taim weh election house, ELECAM don tell parties for choose dia colours.

"Make leaders for political parties show say deh get good heart and check dia conscience show love for kontri", goment tok-tok pesin tok.

For de same taim, for defence and security meeting, minister Joseph Beti Assomo and e kombi dem don di plan how deh go work before, during and afta elections.

Beti Assomo say goment go put security for ten regions from now as end of year celebrations dey for corner till afta elections.

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