World disability day: 'To jump and shake my body na im hungry me pass'

Sani Ibrahim

"Exercise dey among di tins wey I like pass for dis world and I no fit do am well because of my bad leg," na so Sani Ibrahim wey grow up with only one good leg tell BBC Pidgin.

35 year-old Sani wey polio virus kpafuka im left leg say, if e fit become normal pesin today, di first tin wey im go do na to jump up and shake im body wella as normal pipo fit do anytime.

Sani tok dey come as pipo celebrate di United Nations World day for pipo with disabilities on December 3rd.

Di purpose of di celebration na to draw awareness ontop di issues wey pipo wey dey live with disability dey face.

Plus to join head and hand to reason solution to dia challenge dem.

For Sani, im biggest regret na say im no go school.

Image example Sani wish say im fit jump upandan like oda pipo.

"Di biggest regret na say my parents no put me for school because of dis my problem, I no know weda na because dem no wan make oda children laff me?"

"Because I seriously get feeling say assuming I go school, I for become one big inventor for sake of say my mind dey creative and anywhere u see me, you go see me with book, I like knowledge no be small."

Sani say e don helep many of im pipo wey get disability, afta e form different groups for Kano for dem and many don use am beta dia lives.

"I thank God say I don helep many of our pipo beta dia lives. As I dey, notin wey I like pass make society beta. Because of di groups wey I form, many of our pipo lives don beta now."

Image example Sani Ibrahim say im regret say im parents no send am go school as im like knowledge well-well

Sani say, e wan goment to help build school for im pipo because many dey suffer from illiteracy join dia physical wahala.

"Education na key to everything for dis world, so I dey beg goment to open special schools for our pipo wey get disability so dat dem fit beta dia lives." Im tok.

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