Save our data: High data prices make Ghanaians bore ‘kyakaaa'

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Per de current charges, Ghanaians for pay Ghc 22 ($4) for 1GB data

People bore for Ghana over recent surge in data costs for de country after some telecom operators introduce new data charges.

De online campaign #SaveOurData dey number one for twitter inside Ghana after data consumers share dema frustration for social media top.

Leader of de campaign, Saddick Adams talk BBC say "de level of data usage for dis country be very high, but de telecom companies dey exploit consumers.

"Economically people no dey live comfortably but if you dey spend 20 percent of your earnings on data then that no be fair" he add.

Per de current charges, Ghanaians for pay Ghc 22 ($4) for 1GB data.

De same 1GB data before dey cost Ghc10 (¢1.8), less than half de new price.

Income levels according to dSaveSae campaigners be low for Ghana, so if now data costs go reduce dema income wey small already then private telecom operators dey wan make people poorer.

Dis data issue be major concern for most youth who dey run private business sake of unemployment.

More young people dey survive on de business wey dem set up. Some of these people dey market dema tins give customers over de internet using data.

Latest charges, dem no go fit make profits which go threaten de survival of dema businesses.

Recent study on data prices dey show say Ghana be one of de countries wey data prices be high pass.