University of Bamenda: Attacks, kidnappings don force UBa teachers union for strike

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Bamenda University campus quiet laik burial ground on Wednesday, teachers no enta class and students remain for house.

Dia strategy bi be na for stay way from class today and tomorrow, one student tell BBC Pidgin.

Tori be say University of Bamenda chapter for National Union of Higher Education Teachers, don signal authorities say deh di go on two days strike for condemn attacks, kidnappings as show of unity.

University of Bamenda dey na for of di two Anglophone regions weh deh di suffocate inside crisis since 2016.

De crisis don touch schools and universities for Northwest regions especially insecurity increase. Day no di pass weh deh kontri pipo no get news for kidnap, attack or killing of students and lecturers and even de villages near de university di hear bad.

For seka dis situation, UBa teacher's union executive, student union and university top management bin meet wit Northwest governor, Adolphe Lele L'afrique for number 19 day for November for check de worri situation for university.

Authorities bin promise for add security for university and for some hot places laik Bambui -Bambili C-Bend and Apostolic Junction.

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Na so de UBa teacher's union stop de strike weh deh bin plan for number 22 day for November.

De union later hold emergency meeting on Tuesday for shine eye for de wowo situation and deh conclude say afta governor promise, noting really change.

Wetin pain dem, pass na de attack for number three day for December on Prof. Tata Simon Ngenge and kidnap for Dr. Ami Nyoh Hyacinth, two of dem, teachers for Higher Teachers Training College force lecturers for strike.

As de situation dis so so wowo, de teacher's union decide for start dia strike dis morning, sharp de hour.

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