Cameroon 2020 budget: Ngondere dem go pay from dia nose for rob cream ‘Njanssang’

Cameroon President Paul Biya Image copyright PATRICK KOVARIK/GETTY IMAGE

One way goment go get moni for run Cameroon next year na from taxes, from tins laik rice, corn and bleaching cream.

De tin weh e di catch eye as Cameroon di discuss e budget for 2020 tax increase for plenti tins, for import rice, oil and bleaching cream.

Dis mean say ngondere and woman dem weh deh wan make 'Njanssang', change dia colour for look laik yellow pepe, get for put plenti moni for dia kwa as price go fit double.

Bill weh goment send for parliament dis year na FCFA 4,951,7 billion, no reach de wan for last year, FCFA 5,212billion.

Dis year, de budget short by FCFA 206,3billion, weh e mean say goment no get moni and deh wan spend moni only for important tins.

Wit crisis for Anglophone regions, place laik Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, and SONARA weh e burn, weh deh use to give moni for goment don no di waka fain.

Cameroon goment go increase tax for also reduce how business pipo di import rice, corn, soya bean and palm oil. Online business go also pay tax plus heavy tax for bleaching cream.

De area weh e go swallow plenti moni na ministry for public work FCFA 459,609billion for build and fix roads dem.

But e good for note say de ring road for northwest Cameroon di eva enta budget evri year but work for ground no di show.

De road weh na lock mop for kontri just now as e wowo na Ngaoundere-Garoua and pipo for dat side go fit enjoy if deh fixam.

Education secondary education also get big budget for improve teaching for school dem.

Goment no even tok about how for build villages weh deh burn inside crisis for Anglophone regions for e budget.

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