Nepa: Sub-Saharan African countries wey dia light steady pass Nigeria own

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As Nigerians go dey happi on Thursday afta dem hear di news say electricity workers don call off strike, e dey important to remember say wetin dem go now get no be steady light.

Nigeria na one of di top top kontries for di world with electricity wey no dey stay one place but dis no mean say na like dat all of Africa be.

In fact, for di continent, some small kontries better pass "di giant of Africa" wen it come to dis light mata.

For example, na only about 230 hours per year dem dey carri light for inside Ivory Coast, compare dat to Nigeria wey be like 4,600 hours per year.

Di oda kontri wey near Nigeria for blackout na dia neighbour Niger, wey dey carri light for 1,400 hours per year.

Dis na select kontries for Sub-Sahara Africa wit dia number of hours (average) wey light no dey dey annually (low number mean say light steady).

South Africa - 50 hours/year

Di only kontri for Africa wey dey use nuclear energy for power, South Africa light na im steady pass. Although, dem dey currently go through small challenges because of mismanagement.

Senegal - 130 hours/year

Almost 70% of di population dey connected today for Senegal and by 2025 dem wan make sure say all kontri pipo get access to light.

Ivory Coast - 230 hours/year

Di baba for steady light for West Africa. Di goment programme National d'√Člectrification Rurale wan connect all areas wit light by 2025.

Ghana and Cameroon - 790 hours/year

Ghana and Cameroon light dey good and one of di best, if we comot Ivory Coast. Goment policies wey make sense don ensure say light don dey improve year in year out for dis kontries.

Nigeria - 4600 hours /year

Di biggest economy for Africa na im get one of di highest blackout for di continent, although dis don dey improve in recent years. Recently, di Nigerian goment sign deal with Germany to increase power capacity, wey go mean say light go begin dey steady.

Di data na according to World Bank and Quartz own from 2018, wey Statista bin publish.

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