Nigeria goment wan stop to dey Import petrol by 2023

Motorcyclists wey queue for fuel inside goment filling station for Abuja Image copyright Getty Images

Goment for Nigeria don set 2023 as di deadline of wen dem go stop to dey import petrol enta inside di kontri.

Di Group Managing Director for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mele Kyari, na im tok dis wen im dey sign di Condensate refinery strategy programme (CRSP) Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Agreement yesterday.

According to oga Kyari, dem dey expect dis CRSP program to deliver 20 million litres of petrol wen complete am and e go help stop fuel importation by 2023.

Oga Kyari explain say President Muhammadu Buhari concern be say as Nigeria na oil-producing kontri, na di kontri come still be one of di highest importers of petrol for di world.

"For kontri wey don dey produce oil for ova 50 years, e dey really difficulty to explain why we still dey import petroleum products.

"We get clear order from president President to stop dis and we believe say we fit do dis between now and 2023, no be say dis na political deadline, na realistic, technical deadline wey we fit deliver."

Nigeria, wey be oil-producing kontri don dey import petroleum products since even as di kontri get four major oil refineries.

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Image example Oil and petrochemical refinery, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Oga Kyari list strategies wey NNPC wan use to fit meet up dis deadline and dem include to deliver refineries wey dey work plus give support to partners for projects wey go make gasoline dey available for di kontri.

"First, we go deliver on our refineries to make dem work and ogbonge work happun for dis area and we believe say we fit deliver on dis.

"Secondly, we go support our partners to deliver on dia projects wey go make gasoline and oda products available. Dis na di main many oda refinery projects intervention wey dey go on wey we know and we support all of dem, particularly di Dangote refinery, we go help dem in any way possible to support dem to deliver on dat."

"Thirdly, dis na wher we go come in, for di upstream as we all know, we neva do well, we dey busy dey look for oil-producing wells but we neva bother to say di additional value we fir add to dis kontri and dat na where di condensate refinery come in."

No be today Federal goment for Nigeria don bin plan to stop importation of petrol.

For 2017, Nigeria goment plan to stop di importation of fuel by 2019 with di approval of new National Oil Policy from di Federal Executive Council.

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