I go like born twins - 84yr woman wey marry her 74yr old bobo

Old woman and man wey just marry

Na almost two weeks now since Muhammad Liti, 74, and im wife Fatsuma, 84, decide to marry and now dem don yan how dia love take start and why dia age difference no be bad tin.

Tori of dia romance comot for April afta pipo notice say Liti leg dey always find way to reach Fatsuma house.

"We bin dey provoke one anoda before because we come from two different areas wia pipo dia like to dey joke, but wen love enta di mata we forget about evri oda tin," Liti wey just dey open teeth like man wey don chop woman love belleful tok.

Liti say every man you see, wey no gree woman rest, e mean say something dey.

On how she manage to fall for Liti, di new bride, Fatsuma say: "Im dey always bring some gifts when e come buy akara, (bean cake), like money and oda tins."

Family support

Fatsuma say her pikin dem support her dream to marry Liti.

"Wen we agree to become husband and wife, some people begin follow my pikin dem tok, to try convince my daughter to block my marriage plans.

"But, I lucky say my first daughter Maimuna support me well-well and she do wetin any daughter go do for im mama. Di oda one na my lastborn Aminatu."

And for Liti, im pikin dem show sign say dem go pour sand-sand for di garri of di wedding?

"Dem bi men, some of dem even contribute money for di wedding sef," tok Liti wey aslo confam say im no dey get any wahala from im oda two wives, because im get total control of im house mata.

Polygamy - to dey marry more than one wife - dey common for di northern Nigerian Muslim community.

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Image example Akara (brown) wey Liti dey find come Fatsuma side, na common food wey Nigerians dey take wit akamu

Di challenge

Like all journey of love, different tins dey along di way wey threaten to make di whole tin no work.

Di 10 years age barrier no go cause dem wahala, in fact dem see am as blessing, di bin couple tell BBC.

"Fatsuma old pass me, but na me be her husband, she must obey my orders and I go treat am well with respect and dignity," Muhammad Liti tok.

Wen BBC ask di 84-year-old Fatsuma if she go like to born, she shout in happiness say yes she desire am and she ready to born as many pikin as possible.

"I go like born twins, to name dem Hasana and Husaina.

My hope be say we go remain together forever and till death do us part," Fatsuma tok.

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