Ghana district assembly elections record low voter turnout despite ‘aponkye’ social media hype

Ghana election Image copyright Getty Images

57,000 candidates dey contest for District Assemble den Unit Committee elections which dey happen for Ghana today.

De nationwide election end 5.00pm on Tuesday for some 6,700 electoral areas across de country.

Dis local govment election dey give citizens opportunity make dem elect dema own leaders for de districts who go push development related issues for de area dem dey rep.

BBC Pidgin visit two polling stations for Korle Klottey den Ledzokuku Krowor constituencies for Accra but people no sheda come out to vote.

Despite de low national turnout one candidate, Ibrahim Isaah Ampim, aka Hon. Aponkye en campaign capture de interest of twitter users for Ghana.

Honourable Aponkye dey trend for number one on Twitter for Ghana at de close of polls as most social media users who no vote dey campaign give make he win sake of en free breakfast campaign promise den playful character.

Vice President Alhaji Bawumia cast en ballot in de morning wey he encourage make people go vote.

According to Electoral commission of Ghana, dem train like 159,000 election officials who dey ground dey support plus dis local level elections.

District level elections dey give Ghanaians grassroots de opportunity to play a direct role in dema development agenda.

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