Donald Trump: Wetin impeachment of US President mean?

Donald Trump stands half hidden behind a post at the White House

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Donald Trump stand behind one post for White House

Dem don impeach US President Donald Trump and now di next stage of di matter with Congress support fit see am comot for office.

Di koko of dis matter na whether or not im ask Ukraine to help am for im re-election for 2020.

Tori be say Oga Trump na di third president for US history wey dem go impeach afta two votes for di Democratic Party-control House of Representatives- but see wetin e mean here.

President Trump, wey be Republican, don deny say im do anything wrong.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Joe Biden (right) and im son Hunter

Wetin be Trump accuse?

President Trump dey face accuse say im put pressure on Ukraine to find out bad informate on im main Democratic rival for di presidency for 2020, Joe Biden, and im son Hunter.

Hunter bin work for one Ukraine company when Joe Biden bin be US vice-president.

Dem dey accuse di president say im offer two tins as bargain to Ukraine - one na to withhold di $400m of military aid to Ukraine wey Congress, don already been allocate give dem, and di second one na di White House meeting for Ukraine president.

Di Democrats say, na abuse of presidential power, say im use im office for do im own personal political runs against dia national security. Ukraine dey use dat for di kwanta with Russia.

Dem also accuse oga Trump say im block Congress as im no gree co-operate with di congressional inquiry.

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Wetin impeachment mean

To impeach, for dis kain matter, means say na to bring charges to Congress wey go form basis for di trial.

According to di law for US e say dem go remove di president from office on impeachment for conviction of, treason, bribery, or oda high crimes or mago-mago".

E dey important to understand say dis na political rather than criminal one.

Wetin be di process?

E get two stages.

Dem don finish di first stage now - dem bring two articles of impeachment (charges) come di House of Representatives and dem vote along party lines.

Di next tin na say di move go go Senate wia di trial go start for January.

But here, two-thirds vote dey necessary to remove di president - and dem neva achieve dis kain tin for US history.

Na Republicans Party dey control di Senate so conviction no dey likely for Trump case