Why some upstairs house cost pass downstairs house for Nigeria - Real Estate Sabi pesin

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Storey buildings

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Upstairs house na like gold, sotay, e dey very common to see price difference between house wey dey upstairs and di one wey dey downstairs even if di two apartments get exactly di same tins inside.

For most cases for Nigeria, block of apartment building wey get exactly di same structure and number of rooms fit get higher rent for di houses wey dey upstairs, while di ones wey dey for ground floor go dey cheaper small.

Dis Twitter user even dey complain say why im go pay extra N500,000 just because im wan rent house wey dey upstairs.

Ayobami Adeleke, one Real Estate Professional wey dey work wit Brisckstone Africa for Lagos, Nigeria explain give BBC Pidgin why e dey happen like so.

According to am, e get two main reasons why storey buildings wey dem build for pipo to live inside dey get dis kain price difference.

1. View

Di view wey pesin dey get from upstairs beta pass wetin pesin fit see if dem dey stay for di ground floor, according to Adeleke.

"Houses go dey wey go dey block your view for di ground floor but if you dey di upper floor, you fit even dey see ocean view if di house dey around dat kain area," im add

2. Air quality

Di air quality na anoda tin wey pipo dey consider for houses wey dey upstairs.

As you dey go up, di air quality go dey improve and so pipo wey dey stay upstairs go dey enjoy more fresh air.

Adeleke say pesin no fit put value on dis kain enjoyment.

Wetin we call dis Video,

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Anoda reason wey Adeleke give wey make renters dey pay higher moni for upstairs apartments na security.

Im explain say upstairs apartments dey discourage tiff pipo because dem go prefer to sharply attack di houses wey dey di ground floor and lower floors.

But for commercial properti like storey building of shops, di direct opposite na di case.

Adeleke say downstairs shops dey always cost pass di ones wey dey upstairs because e dey easier for customers to reach di ones wey dey ground floor.