Plastic bottle Christmas tree don make some orphans dem smile

Some orphans for Cameroon go enjoy Christmas wit special ‘plastic bottle Christmas tree’ wey don put smile for dia face.

Na de first taim weh deh get idea for make Christmas tree from plastic bottles weh deh di donate for orphanages weh deh no get’am.

University student, Ahmed Moumine weh e di study environmental science and e kombi don make Christmas tree from plastic bottles dash’am for orphanage weh deh no get.

Plastic bottles na problem for Cameroon and oda African kontris as deh di block rivers so de de group ‘Think Green’ weh Ahmed Moumine na coordinator di find way for reduce’am wit plastic Christmas tree.

Na de fist taim weh deh di make Christmas tree from plastic bottles and kontri, as dia own contribution for put smile for pikin dem for some orphanage dia face.

De group weh e bin win prize for clean dia town di also clean markets, and gutters, di advice pipo for fight plastic bottle pollution.

Video Producer: Bongben Jisi