Men wey get alcohol problem dey 'more likely to abuse partner'-New study

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One new study don show say men wey dey depend on alcohol or drugs dey six to seven times more likely to involve for domestic abuse against women dan odas.

Di research wey dem publish for online journal PLOS-Medicine, torchlight plenti-plenti medical and police report from Sweden ova 16 year period.

Di researchers also find out say men wey get mental sickness and behaviour disorder dey more risk to commit violence against dia partner, though dis no dey strong like group wey get drinking and drug problem.

University of Oxford Professor, Seena Fazel, wey lead dis study tok say, dia findings suggest say dem fit reduce domestic violence with improvement for drugs and alcohol treatment service and to dey monitor di offenders wella.

"As tins be today, treatment programmes for offenders no too good - maybe sake of high quality evidence no dey on di kain risk factors wey dem suppose target," na so Prof Fazel tell BBC News.

"Prevention programme suppose target drug and alcohol abuse and dem suppose assess di offenders for misusing dis tins to make sure say dem no commit di offend again," im tok.

Di study wey also involve experts from US, Sweden and King's College, London, bin track 140,000 men wey officially get drinking and drug problem between January 1998 and December 2013.

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Di sabi pipo also check out how many pipo police dem later arrest for threatening, attacking or sexually abusing dia wife, girl friends and former woman partners.

Dem discover say police don bin arrest 1.7% of of di men wey dey depend on alcohol before for dat kain offence - six times as many as di men wey dey for di samples wen researchers use for di study

For men wit drug wahala, 2.1% don chop arrest, an dis na seven times higher dan di average.

Even though connection dey between alcohol, drug and domestic violence, e dey important to treat dis research with care, according to Dame Vera Baird, wey be victims commissioner for England and Wales.

She say: "Many pipo wey dey domestic violence wey dem dey drunk go also dey violent and bossy wen dia eye clear.

"And many of di pipo wey dey do domestic violence and wey dey like control odas no get drinking problem, and therefore e go be mistake to divert budget for domestic violence to tackle drink and drug abuse.