Buhari: 'Constitution need to change for third term to fit happun'

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari

Wia dis foto come from, Presidency

Enough gbas gbos don happun for dis last few days on top weda Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari go come back third term or not.

Di Presidency bin sama reply give ogbonge Senior Advocate of Nigeria lawyer Femi Falana say, Oga Buhari no get any plans to do third term, afta Falana tell local tori pipo say di Presido dey plan remain in power afta 2023.

But Senior Advocate of Nigeria Ifedayo Adedipe say Nigeria Constitution no get any provision for any president to do third term and as tins dey so, e go hard for third term to happun.

How third term fit happun?

Oga Adedipe say third term fit happun if dem amend di Constitution, come remove term limit.

E say, e dey common for kontris wey dey run parliamentary system of goment not to get limit of how long di leader fit stay for office, but e difficult for any democracy wey get time limit like Nigeria.

Three main tins gatz happun for any Naija presido to remain for office afta second term.

Someone or some pipo must to sponsor bill to the National Assembly, to amend constitution to either include third term, or increase tenure.

Last week, John Dyegh, House of Representative member wey dey represent Gboko/Tarka federal Constituency, bin sponsor bill wey go provide one single term of six years, but di house reject am.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Femi Falana say im get proofs to show say President Buhari dey eye third term

Pass readings

If di house accept to consider di sponsored bill on constitution amendment, di bill go need to pass three different readings.

For each reading, members of di house go discuss di mata, add tins wey dem wan add, remove di ones wey dem no want.

Dis involve long process as many groups wey get interest for di mata go also chook mouth tok dia all.

If the bill survive first, second and third reading, di next tin na for di 36 State Assemblies for Nigeria to also torchlight di mata.

State Assemblies go vote

Everi single House of Assembly for Nigeria 36 states need to siddon deliberate on weda dem want make any changes to di constitution to keep di president for power afta 2023.

Afta evri, two third majority of di legislators for each state must to vote to support di amendment.

According to Oga Adedipe, as tins be now, di ruling All Progressive Congress wey be oga Buhari party no get dat kain number of supporters for all di states of di kontri.

Afta di 2019 govnorship election, APC dey control 19 out of 36 states while di main opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP dey control 16 states.

Politically, as tins dey ground now possibility of constitution amendment to achieve third term far well-well.