Gay rights: US dey vex for Zambia onto imprisonment of gay couple

US ambassador Daniel Foote


US don comot dia ambassador to Zambia afta im bin bad mouth how Zambia take imprison one gay couple for di kontri.

For November last month, Daniel Foote tok say im dey shocked say one judge sentence di two men to 15 years in prison afta dem catch dem dey sex eachoda for 2017.

Zambia goment accuse Foote say im dey try dictate to dem and President Edgar Lungu come declare say im be 'persona non grata' meaning say im no dey welcome for di kontri.

Zambia na kontri wia anytin homosexual dey illegal.

"You no fit ask goment to make decision under gunpoint - 'because we dey give you aid, we wan make you do dis' - you no fit," Zambia Foreign Minister Joseph Malanji tell BBC dat time.

Last month, one High Court for di capital, Lusaka, sentence Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba to 15 years for jail.

Di couple bin book lodge, and one worker peep inside dia window come see dem dey sex diasef, di court bin hear.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Zambian Presido Edgar Lungu bin ask di US ambassador to leave im post

Inside statement early dis month, oga Foote tok say im bin just dey tok im mind "wetin I believe about di law and di harsh sentencing wey I no agree wit".

Im warn say di pally-pally between di two kontris dey "decay".

Zambia na one of di kontris wey dey collect di largest per-capita US aid, as dem dey receive about $500m evri year.