Christmas: Why Santa Claus dey always wear red and white

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Many pipo believe say Father Christmas dey dress to match di red and white colour of can Coke as na Coca Cola advert for di 1030s make Father Christmas popular.

Dat na sweet tori, but dem no create di red-and-white Father Christmas to advertise Coca Cola because im bin dey market di rival drink White Rock for 1923.

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Image example Dem no create di red-and-white Father Christmas to advertise Coke

Di origin of di modern Father Christmas cloth na from different sources.

One of dem na from Saint Nicholas, one Greek bishop for di 4th Century wey dey always wear red cloth anytime wey im wan give poor pipo gifts, mostly pikin dem.

Anoda tori na from di Dutch character Sinterklaas wey also dey based on Saint Nicholas, wey dey popular wit di rich pipo for New York, like Washington Irving and Clement Clark Moore for di early 1800s.

Oga Irving and oga Moore bin wan turn Christmas Eve from loud party for streets to quiet family affair, wia evribodi go dey dia bed dey sleep.

Oga Moore na one of di pipo wey create di American idea of Father Christmas, di patron saint wey go wear red cloth dey share gift to evribodi weda dem want am or not.

Who be di real Father Christmas?

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Image example Di symbol of St. Nicholas

You fit trace Father Christmas back to di Greek Bishop Saint Nicholas.

For di Christian religion, many dey respect am as di protector of pipo wey no get mama and papa, sailors and even prisoners.

One historian for University of Manitoba Gerry Bowler, explain say, because St Nicholas bin dey always share gift give pipo, dem begin see am as di patron of pikin dem and magical gift giver.

But na advertisements make di modern Father Christmas dey popular.

For di 1820s, adverts for Christmas gifts begin spread evriwia for di United States and by di 1840s, Father Christmas imsef come dey appear well-well for adverts.

Na so di tradition of gift giving day stand gidigba.

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