Cameroon President don sign language and special status to laws

Cameroon president Paul Biya

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Cameroon President Paul Biya don sign and na law now, say magistrate fit make judgement, state officials fit tok for French for Anglophone regions, also law now say Anglophones dem get special status.

Na for night weh kontri pipo di 'yong', saka, chop as deh di wait Christmas weh President Biya 'nyati' sign about nine bills to law.

Though na de process afta law makers don check de bills den president sign'am for law, some kontri pipo bin still di check say, President Biya no go sign language and decentralisation bill wit special status for law.

Among de pipo weh deh bash decentralisation bill, na Christian Cardinal Tumi, weh e hala say no bi weti dia commission bin propose for national dialogue.

Den opposition party, Social Democratic Front, SDF bin bring object for decentralisation bill for parliament say e big for noting and no fit solve Anglophone crisis.

As deh no first review some key laws for land, goment di try for hide problems under carpet and say de bill get plenti tins weh deh no approve, SDF bin tok.

But as some pipo tok, since na law already, deh di wait for see how goment go put'am for practice for ground.

Oda laws di give president pawa for sign optional protocol for child rights: for stop for sell pikin dem, make pikin do ashawo and blue film.