Boxing Day: Why dem dey call am dat name?

Boxing Day

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Boxing Day get im name wen Queen Victoria still dey throne during di 1800s and e get notin to do with di sport, boxing.

Di name come from time wen di rich bin dey box up gifts to give di poor.

Boxing Day na traditionally day wey servants dey get dia off, and di day wen dem they receive special Christmas box from dia masters.

Di servants go also den go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to dia families.

Di day also get religious connections and dem dey celebrate am as Saint Stephen's Day for Ireland and DI Catalonia region of Spain.

For some European kontries - like Hungary, Germany, Poland, and di Netherlands - Dem dey celebrate Boxing Day as a second Christmas Day.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Queen Victoria na im dey throne wen di tradition of boxing up gifts to dey give di poor on Boxing Day bin start

Collection money

Church dem also play role for di creation of Boxing Day. Through out di year, dem go collect money from churchgoers in di form of collection and give am out for Christmas.

Many of dem dey store di collection money inside box, we dem dey open on Christmas Day. Dem go come give di money to di poor pipo di next day - on Boxing Day.

Today, those boxes no popular like before.

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Wen be Boxing Day?

Boxing Day na di day afta Christmas Day and fall on 26 December.

Na also public holiday for Nigeria nd some oda kontries around di world..

Wen 26 December na Saturday, di Boxing Day holiday go move to di next Monday.

If 26 December fall on Sunday, den di holiday na di following Tuesday.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Christmas groove for Elegushi beach for Lagos, south west Nigeria.

Boxing Day Traditions


Christmas Day now na football-free zone, but dis no be how e dey happun before.

Na for di 1950s, tins begin change and to dey play sport on Christmas Day change.

Di final Christmas Day football match happun for 1957, dis wan make Boxing Day di traditional festive fixture.

Groove and food!

For Nigeria, Boxing day for many na dey to groove afta all di cooking and receiving visitors of on Christmas Day.

Na also day to continue all di chopping because many pipo dey prepare so much food for Christmas wey dem go end up eating throughout di next week.

Hmm, my mouth don dey water already.