Wetin we go do keke driver wey carry male and female passengers - Kano goment

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Kano Hisbah say from Thursday 2 January, 2020 dem go start to arrest keke drivers wey carry male and female passengers togeda inside keke.

Commander General for Kano Hisbah, Sheik Harun Ibn Sina tell BBC Pidgin say na either dem seize their keke for six months or you pay fine of N5,000 and ten strokes of cane.

Ibn Sina also add say unlike wetin many pipo no know dis law don dey exist for 14 years now for Kano but na now dem wan enforce am wella.

"Dis law don dey Kano since 2005 but na now we wan enforce am wella so as to clean our society. So from now till next week Thursday any pesin wey we catch we go ask di female passengers or male passengers to drop depending on which one plenti pass."

"But from Thursday next week, we go start to arrest di keke drivers, we either seize your keke for six months or you pay N5k fine to goment and chop ten strokes of cane to serve as punishment, our men wey dey across all di 44 local goment go dey chook eye for roads because of dis."

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Image example Kano state don dey practise Sharia system since 2001

BBC ask di Hisbah oga say what if pesin dey with im wife inside di keke and e yan say dia officers go ask you to swear to God say na your wife before dem allow you go.

"If our men stop you and you swear to God say na your wife, dem go allow you go, if na lie you lie dat one remain between you and God. Pikin wey neva reach 12 years fit ride with women no wahala."

Oga Ibn Sina also tok say if Keke driver carry woman as dia first passenger, dat mean na only women im suppose carry until e reach di junction wey dem dey go. Di same tin apply if na man di keke driver first carry.

Pipo for social media for Nigeria just dey discuss Hisbah decision to enforce dis law while some pipo say e make sense some believe say e no suppose happun.

Kano state, northwest Nigeria don dey practise Sharia system since 2001.

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