Why goment dey close down 'witchcraft centres' for Kano

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Native doctor with im cowries

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Oga for Kano State public complaints and anti corruption board Muhuyi Magaji don tell BBC say di reason why dem dey go afta pipo wey dey practise witchcraft wey Hausa pipo dey call 'Sarkin Mayu' for di state na because dem dey dupe pipo.

According to di chairmo, dem don arrest four fake pipo wey dey claim say dem be wizards for di state and dem go continue, until pipo stop to dey complain about dem.

"For example for Albasu local goment wey we arrest di fake man wey dey call imself king of wizards, e confess say na fake e be and to tink say dis same man name 25 pipo for di place, call dem witches and wizards and make pipo stop to dey interact or play with dia children."

"But di biggest one wey we arrest na dat of Wednesday for Makole, dat one say na im be di chairmo of wizards for the whole of Kano and e go open centre wia pipo dey come with all sort of complain, medical and oda tins." Im tok.

Mr Muhuyi say dis na part of dia work as anti corruption unit.

"Wetin dis fake pipo dey do na corruption and na part of our work to stop dem. We dey hope dis ones wey we gbab na signal to pipo wey still dey do dis fake work to stop.

"We wan also create awareness for pipo to stop to dey fear dis pipo, dem no get any powers, na lie." Dis na wetin Muhuyi tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Muhuyi Magaji

Wetin we call dis foto,

Chairmo Kano State public complaints and anti corruption with two pipo wey dem gbab

Dem play me wayo

Sani Ibrahim wey dey stay Kano tell BBC say, im na victim of one of those fake pipo and e dey happy say goment dey go afta dem.

"I bin dey sick at di time and my aunty advise say make I visit one Sarkin Mayu because dat time na village I dey. Di man tok say na my uncle do juju for me and dis wan make me to dey avoid my uncle until when anoda friend insist make I go hospital. Na for dia I confam say na typhoid I get."

"Di man collect money from my hand no be small, so I dey happy say Kano goment dey arrest dis pipo, e don tay wey dem dey dupe innocent pipo dey call themselves king of wizards." Sani tok.

One of di fake pipo wey anti corruption board arrest Yahaya Ciroma say e don repent and e no go do di work again.

"Dis na something wey i dey do for years but i don promise say i no go do am again because e no good. Most of us wey dey do am inherit am from our fathers but now na time to stop am."