Fausta di world oldest rhino don die inside Tanzania for age 57

Wetin we call dis foto,

Conservationists for Ngorongoro tok say Fausta, na di oldest rhino in for di world

One rhino wey sabi pipo for wildlife and environment mata say na im be di oldest for di world don die for Tanzania, for di age of 57.

Dem first notice Fausta, wey be eastern black rhino, around Ngorongoro crater for 1965, wen she be three years old.

Fausta waka freely for Ngorongoro crater area for more than 54 years, but health issues for her old age come make her spend im final few years for one sanctuary, so dat dem go give her specialist care.

Di Rhino no born pikin and dis na wetin sabi pipo for wildlife mata inside Ngorongoro suggest say fit contribute to her long life.

By 2016, Fausta eyesight come bad well-well and hyena come dey attack her upandan.

"Violent animals, especially hyenas, start to dey attack Fausta and she receive very serious sores," Dr Freddy Manongi, from Ngorongoro Conservation Authority, tell BBC Swahili.

"By 2016, we get to remove Fausta from di wild and put her for special care."

Dr Freddy add say for di day Fausta die, anoda rhino born pikin.

Oga Freddy later tok for one statement say "records show say Fausta live longest out of any rhino for di world", and she die natural death for di evening of 27 December.

Wia dis foto come from, KENZO TRIBOUILLARD

Wetin we call dis foto,

Rhinos dey live up to between 37 and 43 years

For di wild, rhinos typically dey live up to between 37 and 43 years old, or up to 50 years for captivity.

Di eastern black rhino dey among di list of animals wey dey serious danger. Dia numbers dey seriously low because pipo dey illegally kill dem to collect dia horn.