Monkeypox: Cameroon dey on alert afta di deadly disease kill pikin for Ayos-Centre region - See different ways dis 'deadly disease' fit enta bodi

Picture wey show person wey monkey pox Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis no bi de first case of Monkeypox for Cameroon, since 1996 weh deh identify de first case, monkey pox di appear from taim to taim. For 2018 deh bi get cases for Southwest and Northwest and for Southwest regions for 2019.

Cameroon dey for high alert afta monkey-pox kill pikin for six moons afta di deadly disease kill pikin for Ayos-Centre region

Afta de pikin die de mami start sick and results for e test show de mami get na monkey-pox and say na de same tin weh e kill de pikin, health officials tell BBC News Pidgin.

Epidemiology and Pandemics for Cameroon health ministry say since number five day for January, 2020 deh notice two cases for monkeypox, pikin for six moon and e mami.

Afta deh health officias confam de case, Ayos district hospital start investigate but deh nova identify anoda case,

Monkey pox na viral infection weh e di komot from animal, wen pesin get contact wit de sick animals dem or from human being but e don kill na about 11 percent for pipo weh deh get'am.

Monkey, squirrels, rats and gorillas na de principal carriers for dis monkey pox de doctor explain.

"For now we di look for additional cases from pipo weh deh bi get contact wit de mami and e pikin weh e die. Health authorities di shine eye more wit team from today from central service of ministry", Dr. Patricia Mindjime of Epidemiology and Pandemics for Cameroon health ministry tok.

De doctor say monkey pox no get any tin for do wit Ebola even if de two disease di komot from animal, but deh get different ways for enta human being.

Signs for monkey pox

Monkey pox signs na fever, rashes for skin and inside hand and weakness

Tips for pipo weh deh di sell bush meat

Wear gloves before you touch sick animal

Wash hands wit wata and soap afta you touch bush animal

No touch dead animal

Image copyright Dr. Patricia Mindjime
Image example Dr. Patricia Mindjime di tok about monkey pox

Tips for community

Make community avoid physical contact wit sick pesin

Wash hand wit soap and wata if deh touch sick pesin

Cook bush meat fain before deh chop

Avoid contact wit sick animals

Go for health centre if pesin get fever wit rashes weh deh komot for skin and inside hand

Another thing we de for inside dis tori