Harry and Meghan: Royals wey don leave palace to live dia own life

Oda royals wey don leave palace live dia own life Image copyright Getty Images

Di decision of Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back as "senior" na one of di hot topic wey pipo all ova di world dey discuss, but make you know na repeat of history.

Di Queen on Monday agree for "period of transition" wia di Duke and Duchess of Sussex go spend time for Canada and di UK.

As pipo all ova di world dey chook mouth for dis mata, dis no be di first time wey prince or princess don take decision to leave di palace.

Prince Harry of United Kingdom

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Di Duke and Duchess of Sussex say dem wan match break as "senior" royals and divide dia time between di UK and North America.

Di couple, wey get baby boy, Archie, tok say dem wan start "progressive new role" for di Royal Family and dey plan to "work to dey make dia own moni".

Princess Ayako of Japan

Image copyright JIJI PRESS
Image example Japanese Princess Ayako and her husband Kei Moriya dey answer questions from journalists afta dia wedding ceremony for di Meiji Shrine inside Tokyo, October 2018

For October 2018 Princess Ayako of Japan, di youngest daughter of Emperor Akihito cousin (Prince Takamodo), marry Kei Moriya, one shipping executive wey be no be royal.

Under Japanese Imperial Law, any female member for di royal family wey marry commoner must drop dia royal status.

Ayako tok for her wedding day say;

"I dey surprise for di kind blessing wey I get."

"I go leave di imperial family today, but I no go change for my support for his majesty and her majesty."

Princess Mako of Japan

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Princess Mako na di eldest grandchild of di Japan Emperor

Princess Mako, di eldest pikin of Prince Fumihito (official title Prince Akishino) also announce her plan to give up her royal status afta her engagement to Kei Komuro for 2017.

Di princess meet Komuro while two of dem na student for Tokyo International Christian University. Di same Imperial Law go still affect her, wen she go finally marry Komuro.

Although two of dem suppose marry for late 2018, but di couple don postpone dia wedding to dis year 2020.

For one press conference, Princess Mako do, she say di first tin wey make am fall for Komuro na di way im dey smile wey be like sun.

''Since I be pikin, na dat time I don know say I no go get royal title wen I marry." she tok.

''While I don work to help di Emperor and I do di work wey pesin from royal family suppose do well-well, e dey sweet me now to do wetin l want do with my own life.''

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

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Image example Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Shaman Durek attend Starlite Gala on August 11, 2019 inside Marbella, Spain

Di daughter of Norway King Harald agree to stop to dey use her Princess title "for her business activities" afta di Royal Family no agree wit her title of "Princess and di Shaman" speaking tour wit her American boyfriend, wey be spiritual guide and gifted healer Shaman Durek a.k.a. Derek Verrett.

"I dey use di title princess wen I represent di Royal House, do my official assignments for home and abroad and for private contexts."

"From now on I no go use my princess title for commercial context. Dat na, for all commercial contexts, I only use Märtha Louise."

Prince Friso of Netherland

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Image example Di Wedding of Prince Johan Friso of Holland And Ms Mabel Wisse Smit for di Oude Kerk

Prince Johan Friso, na di son of former Netherland Queen Beatrix. Friso happily drop im title for di love wey im get for Mabel Wisse Smit.

Di prime minister of dat time chose not to approve of dia union. But, even without di approval from parliament, Friso and Smit still get married for 2004.Although di two of dem go get titles of respect as Prince and Princess of Orange-Nassau but dem remove Prince Friso from di line of succession immediately.

Princess Sayako of Japan

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Image example Sayako Kuroda and her husband Yoshiki Kuroda attend one press conference afta dia wedding ceremony for Tokyo hotel 15 November 2005

For November 2005, Japanese Princess Sayako, di only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, drop her title so dat she go fit marry her sweetheart, Yoshiki Kuroda wey be urban planner.

Just as Princess Ayako dey forced to give up her title as princess, di same tin na also happun to Sayako.

Tori pipo di Telegraph report say Sayako get to let go of both her position inside di imperial family and her ogbonge palace allowance and she dey Ok with dat.

"I want to learn different new tins and I look forward to living new life as member of di Kuroda family..."

Before now, One Japan Princess don bin marry one commoner wey be dairy farmer for 1952. Her name na Princess Atsuko, di daughter of Japanese Emperor Hirohito and she marry Takamas Ikda wey make her give up her title.

King Edward VIII

Image copyright Getty Images

For December 1936, Edward VIII leave di throne so dat im go fit wed Wallis Simpson, one American divorcée. (To marry divorcée na somtin wey di Church of England forbid and dat time na Edward VIII dey head di church).

Edward VIII tok say "I don find out say e dey impossible to carri di heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I go wish to do without di help and support of di woman wey I love."

Im brother, George VI, instead come become king and George daughter, Elizabeth, come be di next heir to di throne.

Carl Johan, Prince of Sweden

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Count Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg and Kerstin Wijkmark dey leave Riverside church afta dia wedding for February 19, 1946 inside New York

For February 1946, Carl Johan, Prince of Sweden, decide to drop im royal title to marry journalist Kerstin Wijkmark.

Wen dem question her about her commoner status, di New York Times quotes Wijkmark wen e say:

"I no know exactly wetin dat one means." Her new husband and former prince come reply say, "Me too no know."

Carlo Johan (later Carl Bernadotte) no be di only Swedish royal wey drop im position for love.

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