Amotekun: Federal goment say di operation dey illegal

Picture of some of di Amotekun officers

Di federal goment of Nigeria don declare say 'Operation Amotekun' na illegal organisation.

Dis wan dey inside di statement wey office of di Attorney General of di Federation and Minister of Justice release.

Di statement wey di Special Assistant, Media and Public Relations Dr. Umar Jibrilu Gwandu sign say di setting up of di paramilitary organization dey contrary to di provisions of di Nigerian law.

South West govnors recently launch di security organization to fight kidnapping and oda criminal activities for di zone.

But di federal goment dey stand ground say, di Constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as dem amend am, bin don establish di Army, Navy and Airforce, including di Police and oda plenti oda paramilitary organisations with di aim of defending di kontri.

Goment add say, no oda authority weda from state, executive or legislature get legal authority over di mata of defence.

Di statement wey tok say di law go follow im natural course in relation to di organisation, administration and participation for Amotekun also add say dem no consult di Office of di Attorney General and Minister of Justice before dem set up di organization, if not, dem for don offer di right information and guidance to ensure di preservation of Nigeria defence and corporate entity at all times.

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