Nyesom Wike: How pipo react to di way Rivers State Govnor receive Oba of Benin and how e address traditional rulers

Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II and Gov. Nyesom Wike
Image example Oba of Benin go Rivers State to go do visit

Di way di Govnor Nyesom Wike tok to traditional rulers during dia meeting for Rivers State, South South Nigeria don make pipo hala.

Pipo begin wonder afta di Govnor receive di Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II on di same day but in a different way.

Yes, tori worwo as video of how im address Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers for dia 112 quarterly meeting dey trend.

Governor Wike for di meeting on Tuesday ask how many of di traditional ruler carry dia staff of office wey di state goment give first class traditional rulers wey di goment recognise, come emphasise di importance of di staff of office and recognition, day of dem no value am, e go give to anoda pesin.

But pipo for social media dey wonder why Govnor Wike call out one of di traditional rulers during di meeting come add say e dey important for am to respect and honour dem no matter wetin happun.

Tori be say na di Govnor office get power to classify or rank of recognition of traditional rulers for Rivers State, wey get Ijaw, Ekpeye, Ikwerre, Ogoni, Ibani and Etche ethic groups.

Ibinabo Fiberesima wey be Nollywood actress from Rivers State write long post for Facebook to tok say she shame for di mata.

Anoda social media user also react on top di mata

Theresa Tekenah ontop Twitter say: "just treat pipo wit respect. E no dey dat hard".

Anoda person Obiewze Nwosu wey claim to be di Gov. Wike supporter, decide say dis don go too far.

"I still never understand why people tink say e funny for Gov. to gada traditional rulers and tok to dem anyhow. I dey support Wike anyday, but dis one dey turn belle".

But di Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Paulinus Nsirim don respond say Governor Wike get high regard for di traditional institution so im no go fit insult dem .

Di Commissioner explain say di Governor ask di Attorney General to prepare Executive bill to address di concern wey di chairman of di traditional rulers raise for Goment to check traditional rulers wey Goment never recognise, come ask dem to always carry di staff of office wey Goment give dem

Na dis one Nsirim for statement say some pipo wey dey mischievous just take part of discussion im get with traditional rulers turn anoda tin.

Oba of Benin visit na to strengthen di traditional institution

Oba of Benin, Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II do thank you visit to appreciate di goment, traditional rulers and pipo of Rivers State for di support and honour dem give am for im coronation for 2016, come add say im visit na to strengthen di traditional institution for di country especially among traditional rulers for south south region.

"I come to strengthen di relationship and closeness wey our pipo get. History record say some of our pipo here trace dia ancestry to Benin and dis include di pipo of Ikwerre, Ahoada and Omoku."

As e meet traditional rulers for Rivers State and south south region, di Oba of Benin observe say goment don put traditional rulers for background and no dey recognise dem but time don reach for traditional rulers for Nigeria to take dia place to contribute to develop di country but dem as traditional rulers must examine demsef and honour di integrity of dia high positions so dem go earn di respect.

"Di Oba visit be like say our grandpapa come see us"

For some of di Rivers State traditional rulers of communities wey trace dia root to Bini Kingdom, di visit of di Oba of Benin sweet dia belle well well.

Like di Okilomu Ibe of Engenni Kingdom, King Moore Maclean Ubuo, im tell BBC Pidgin say di visit of di Oba of Benin dey like say im dey see im great grandpapa. "Just to see im face alone don lift up our spirit. E sweet my belle well well and e go make di relationship between Bini and Engenni pipo to dey stronger."

Eze Okpokiri Maxwell of Ubie Kingdom for Ekpeye ethnic Nationality, say di Oba visit be like say dia grandpapa come visit dem and dem happy to make dis kain history.

King Prof. Anaele Nwokoma, Eze Egi of Ogbaland say di visit of Oba of Benin go allow di Oba see im brothers and sisters.

Im give small history say small palava wey burst for Bini kingdom sake of slave trade naim make di Idu Igodomigodo group to comot for Bini kingdom and na dem come make up di many of di pipo for south south region from Onitsha and across di River Niger.

Eze Nwokoma add say dia own line come from Akalaka wey comot from di river Niger to come settle for Egi land.

"Akalaka born Ekpeye, Ogba and Iwhnurohna wey be Ikwerre and Iche. Oyibo no fit pronounce Iche come call am Etche but wen dem dey pour libation, di Etche pipo dey call dia original name Iche. So di Oba dey come see im siblings wey dey dis side."

Pipo from Ogba, Egi, Ndoni, for Onelga, Etche, Engenni for Ahoada West local goment, Ekpeye, Ubie for Ahoada East,Dekema for Degema local goment dey among di ones wey trace dia roots to di old Bini kingdom and dem come out to celebrate di Oba with traditional dances. Dem say dis visit go cement di relationship and cultural heritage between dem.

Di Oba bin visit Cross River State wia British Colonial Goment bin banish Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi to, for di thank you tour before im come Rivers State.

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