Michael Oluronbi: Birmingham pastor dey guilty sake of say im rape children

Michael Oluronbi and Juliana Oluronbi Image copyright West Midlands Police
Image example Birmingham Crown Court convict Michael Oluronbi and Juliana Oluronbi of many charges

One church pastor wey rape pikin dem many many times afta e give dem "holy bath" claim say na to comot evil spirit.

Michael Oluronbi bin target seven victims wey dey 20 years now. Im tell some of dem say dem go fail exams or turn to witch if dem no gree make e sleep wit dem.

Four of di girls carri belle from am and im wife Juliana Oluronbi arrange abortions for dem even as one girl say she go don do like five or six abortions from secondary school.

One Birmingham Crown Court jury don find di hunband and wife guilty of different different charges.


Oluronbi, wey call imsef prophet and also dey work as pharmacist, "get strong 'power' ontop im members so tey anytin wey im tok for mouth dem dey use all bodi and spirit believe am", according to wetin di police tok.

One of di victims tell BBC say di wey di pastor don dey do, dey "terrible" and "e don affect evribodi life".

Di Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) say di pipo wey im abuse dey under di "influence and authority wey di defendants bin get ontop dia lives, and dem honestly believe say di tins dem dey do na for God".

Di abuse of one boy and six girls bin start wen dem bin small - one na from wen im dey like eight, and for odas, e continue even afta dem become adults.

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Michael Oluronbi say im "no suppose be human being"

Di whole tin begin afta Oluronbi, wey originally come from Nigeria, decide to form im own Cherubim and Seraphim Church for im private house for Birmingham.

"Spiritual baths" bin dey happun bathroom upstairs, dat na cover up for sexual abuse wey fit include indecent assault wen im dey "wash dem" to rapes afta im finish washing dem, na wetin di court hear.

Dem dey make di victims tie red cloth for dia waist during di time wey im dey abuse dem.

Three of di four wey get belle bin don do abortion many times, police say dis dey happen afta Oluronbi use fake name to register dem for clinics.

Di abuse continue for many years until one victim go report to police.

Dem arrest Oluronbi for May 2018 for Birmingham Airport as im wan try escape commot from UK.


Police release one confession for video, wia im dey tell di relative of one victim say "everitin na my fault" and e call imsef "animal".

60 years old Oluronbi of Orchard Drive, Longbridge, Birmingham, chop conviction of 15 rape charges, seven indecent assaults and two sexual assaults.

Im wife, wey bi 58 years old, wey dey live for Walker Road, Walsall, dey guilty of three charges of helping and supporting rape.

Image copyright West Midlands Police
Image example Police bin seize red ceremony robes dem from inside Oluronbi house

Di jury, wey be conclude say Oluronbi no dey guilty of one rape and one attempted rape, no fit reach decision ontop six oda charges.

Di CPS announce on Tuesday say dem no go go for retrial, and dis mean say tori pipo fit report di crimes of di Oluronbis couple.

Det Insp Dave Sproson, from UK Public Protection Unit, say: "Dis na crime wey dey turn belle wey dem commit against children wey trust Oluronbi and believe say na beta person.

"I hope say im conviction go epp di victims to see say dis na di end and I go like to thank dem because dem dey brave throughout di trial."

Small time from today, dem go sentence di husband and wife.

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