Biafra at 50:"I still get bullet for my neck"

77 year old retired sergeant Ibrahim Umar

77 year old retired sergeant Ibrahim Umar dey among di pipo wey fight to keep Nigeria one during di civil wey end 50 years ago.

Dgt Umar (Rtd) tell BBC say di bullet from di war wey still dey in neck no too dey disturb am like before.

Dem shoot me for neck for 1968, a year afta di war start and wetin happun be say I carri one of my soldiers wey dem shoot go MI room for treatment afta dem shoot and as I return na different pipo I meet for our base, before I know I just hear gunshot, na dia dem get me for neck."

"One of my colleagues return fire and dem come use di commotion carry me comot from di place."

"After di war I dey hospital for many months and na dia doctors say di bullet dey connected to vein for my neck and if dem comot am I fit paralyse, so e beta make dem leave am."

Na for di same war Sgt. Ibrahim lose im best friend Sgt. Tanko Musa wey die after forces wey dem dey fight ambush dem.

"I lose many friends for di war but di one wey touch me past na Tanko own because we dey very close."

On 50 years of end of di war, Sgt. Ibrahim rtd yan say war no be good thing and even at di time e dey pain am say brothers say brothers dey fight each other.

"I dey pray say make Nigeria, Africa in fact di world no see anoda war again, anybody wey dey shout war war no know wetin be war."

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Biafra war: 50 years afta di Nigerian civil war wey many pipo like to forget

Ibrahim wey born 15 children say e no do anything for now, but dey beg goment to pay am im pension and gratuity for many years wey hang.

"I retire for 1979 and i no receive anything until 2007 wey i start to receive, so my money from 1979 to 2006 still dey hang, i dey beg goment to pay me."

On life inside bush, di former soldier say na dia e learn to chop different kain of fruits and food because na to survive dey pesin mind.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori