Nigerian armed forces remembrance day 2020: Life after retirement no easy afta retirement na wetin dis Legionnaires tok

Anthony Uko, Former Nigerian Soldier
Image example Anthony Uko, Former Nigerian Soldier

68 year old Anthony Uko from Inem Uronam for Akwa Ibom State na one of di soldiers wey fight for Nigeria side during di Nigeria - Biafra war from 1969 till di war end. Im number na 10037NA and im bin dey 36 battalion wey fight for Azumini and Abagana area during di war.

Uko say life no easy after di war but im dey struggle dey do business to add to wetin im dey collect for army pension wey dem begin collect from Obasanjo administration for 1999.

"Na twenty thousand naira N20,000 flat rate naim dem dey pay us. E go good make dem improve am cos now I dey find work to add to am."

Image example Washington Wokoma, one of Nigerian solders

Washington Wokoma from Buguma, Asari Toru local goment for Rivers State say im bin dey 15 years wen e join di Nigerian Army fight di Biafran war for 1967 and im number na 53747NA. Im fight for Bonny, Ohafia, Okom, Ozuabam and for Arochukwu wen di war end.

Wen im retire for 1985, im bin dey collect im army pension till 1999. Dat time, Wokoma say dem bin call di legionnaires to come take dia benefits but as im original discharge papers bin burn when im house for Afikpo waterside for Mile One area of Port Harcourt burn down, sake of dat, e never fit collect anything till date.

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'I make sure say I educate myself'

"I even go our office for Abuja cos before President Yar'Adua die, im call all of us make we go Abuja. My name and money dey dia, but di same thing, dem ask for di original paper cos dis time I carry di photostat copy go. I explain give dem say my house burn for and my original documentsburn inside, dem say make I go get di Police report so I come back Port Harcourt. Now I don get di police report and everything but na money to go back Abuja be di problem."

Wokoma say e go good if goment fit chook eye help many legionnaires wey dey dis category so dem fit get dia benefits take care of dia family. But for now, im say im dey work for one private security company dey take care of im 19 pikin dem.

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