Human Rights Watch accuse Cameroon goment and separatist forces of rights abuses

Cameroon army Image copyright ALEXIS HUGUET

Southern Cameroon leader, president for Civil Society Consortium weh goment bin ban, John Mbah Akuroh say e shock and e di shame as Human Rights Watch for dia 2020 World report di continue for under look genocide, and massacre for Southern Cameroons.

Human Rights Watch World report 2020 shine eye for about 100 kontris, tok say goment and separatists forces commit plenti violations for 2019 for Anglophone regions.

De report say over 3000 pipo, wit ova 100 soldiers don die since de crisis start for 2016, more dan half a million run go Nigeria as goment forces di carry out operations and separatist fighters di use sophisticated weapons for attack.

But Akuroh say de figures weh deh human rights watch komot di worry, as de number for pipo weh deh di die every day pass and local newspapers don already report say about 10,000 pipo die.

Also, de Southern Cameroon leader say for compare civilians weh deh pick up arms for defend demself wit regular army for de same level, no correct.

For dia report, HRW tok how since February last year, separatist kidnap school pikin dem, torture pipo and how army and separatists di take over, di stay for schools.

But Akuroh say na plenti militia groups deh di kidnap, collect moni, catch pikin dem from schools weh na top-top goment officials di sponsor dem and if HRW no highlight dis, na dishonesty.

Afta BBC Pidgin try for contact army tok-tok pesin, send message, e nova react for tok weti deh check about de report weh e accuse army too for abuses.

For area for sexual and gender identity, de rights group say Cameroon law di punish same sex relations for five years for prison. Also, na crime for use internet for chat pesin for de same sex.

Deh say even cases for military weh deh di commit atrocities dey for court, de information remain confidential and public no fit know anytin.

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