Nigeria foreign policy: Nine main areas Buhari administration wan focus

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Nigerian goment don announce give diplomatic community for di kontri di nine major areas wey di Muhammadu Buhari administration dey focus on for di next three years.

Nigerian Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama announce am for meeting wit members of di international community for di capital, Abuja.

E say, Nigeria foreign policy gatz show di domestic reality for di kontri and dat Nigeria go focus on Nigeria and di need of di kontri first.

Oga onyeama say di 9 point agenda be:

  • To Build ogbonge and sustainable economy.
  • To grow agricultural output for food security and export.
  • To get energy sufficiency and power and petroleum products.
  • To expand transport and oda infrastructure development.
  • To expand business growth, entrepreneurship and industrialisation.
  • To enhance social inclusion and reduce poverty.
  • To expand access to quality education, affordable health care and productivity of Nigerians.
  • To build systems to fight corruption and improve governance and create social unity.
  • To improve security for all.

Di foreign minister further explain say di Nigerian goment go collabo wit kontris to ensure say Nigeria meet im strategic 9 point agenda.

E add say, even though Nigeria go focus wella to develop im economy for di benefit of di population wey dey grow, di kontri still dey committed to work and maintain good relationship with kontris like Niger, Chad, Benin, Cameroon sake of dia partnership for di fight against Boko Haram.

On di regional level, Onyeama say di kontri go continue to support regional integration and also di one single currency for di region.

E say economic trade diplomacy na im be di bedrock of Nigeria foreign policy and di goment go continue to dey promote sub-regional trade and intercontinental free trade for di continent.

Since Nigeria get independence for 1960, Nigeria foreign policy bin dey focus on Africa integration and dat is why dem dey call di kontri big broda of Africa.

Nigeria commitment to di development of Africa make am to helep establish di African Union wey dey chook eye for African kontries mata.

But wit dis small change for foreign policy, some foreign experts believe say Nigeria go fit solve all im plenti domestic wahala.

Di minister also use di meeting to warn diplomats say make dem no dey contact di presidency without passing through di ministry.

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