National grid collapse: Wetin cause nationwide blackout just two weeks into 2020

Nigeria Federal Ministry of Power dey introduce new policy wey go allow power Generating Companies (GenCos) to dey deal directly wit electricity consumers wey fit afford am. Image copyright Other

Nigerians no fit bear di shock say light no dey for all ova di kontri just as dem dey enta 2020 .

Words like 'NEPA' and 'national grid' come begin dey trend for social media as pipo dey express dia feelings about electricity providers.

Di Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) bring out statement to explain wetin happun say na di national grid collapse on Thursday wey come lead to nationwide blackout.

"E get one system disturbance wey happun around 12.34pm dis afternoon, and e affect some parts of di kontri."

"As at 1:10pm, we restore back supply to Abuja and most of di areas wey dis disturbance affect .TCN still dey work to completely restore and stabilise di national grid."

Meanwhile, electricity providers all ova di kontri don informate dia customers about wetin happun and ask dem to bear with dia companies.

Eko Electricity Distribution Company for Lagos explain dis blackout wey affect Lekki, Ibeju and oda areas around dia.

Ikeja Electric for Lagos also give dia customers update and thank dem for dia understanding.

Dis na how Nigerians for Twitter react to di news of national grid collapse and di blackout wey happun for all ova di kontri.

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