Pipeline vandalism - Mele Kyari say NNPC go work with Nigerian NAVY to stop jaguda pipo

Mele Kyari vist Nigeria Navy base for Ojo Image copyright Twitter - Mele Kyari

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation go join hand wit di Nigerian Navy to stop jaguda pipo wey dey destroy petroleum pipeline for di kontri.

NNPC Group Managing Director Mele Kyari tok dis one during im visit to Navy base Ojo, Lagos State, South West of kontri, wia e meet wit FOC Rear Admiral Oladele Daji.

Mele Kyari share di foto of im take wit di Naval officers for Twitter as im tok say im dey grateful to di security agencies because dem dey make progress to fight di pipo wey dey use mago-mago sell petroleum products.

For November 2019, di Nigerian Senate bin call Oga Mele Kyari to appear before dia Committee on Petroleum Resources, to explain how pipeline vandalism dey increase for di kontri.

According to tori pipo Punch, report bin fly upandan say some officials of di NNPC, Nigerian pipeline and security companies wey monitor di facilities, dey work with jaguda pipo to sabotage di kontri.

Di Senate president Ahmad Lawan say: "Our Committee on Petroleum (downstream) must invite di NNPC to know wetin dem dey do ova di years to secure di pipelines, which plans dem don put in place and weda we go review our agreement with dem.

Dis na multi-billion dollar industry. Na some pipo dey do dis tins, no be accident. Sanctions must dey and somebodi must pay di price", Lawan tok.

Meanwhile di Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for im financial and operation report announce am say pipeline vandalism mata drop by 81 per cent for October last year.

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