Group wan ban surgery wey dey bring back ‘virginity’

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Some campaigners dey call on goment for UK to ban 'virginity repair' surgery.

Many Muslim women dey at risk to become outcast or for some bad cases, dem fit kill dem, if dia husbands or families find out say dem sex before marriage.

Some dey do medical operation wey doctors dey use replace di layer of membrane wey dey di entrance of di vagina wey dem dey call hymen.

So concerns dey say if dem ban am, e go increase di dangers wey Muslim women dey face as e fit push dem to begin use apian way do di surgery.

Guidelines from di General Medical Council (GMC) state say, patient must give dia go-ahead to do di operation, if suspicion dey say pesin wan force di woman to do di operation.

As e be so, at least 22 private clinics for di UK dey do hymen-repair surgery.

Dem dey charge up to £3,000 for di surgery wey dey last around one hour.

Women rights campaigners say, those kain clinics dey make moni from Muslims wey dey fear wetin go happen to dem, if dem no dey "pure" on dia wedding night.

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Health Secretary for UK say im go investigate how to end di practice but di Department of Health no gree comment on how dem go really enforce di ban.

Dr Khalid Khan wey be professor of Women Health for Barts and di London School of Medicine wey don witness di operation before, say ban no be di right response.

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'Evri woman need vagina steaming'

She say as long as "beta informate" dey available to patients, dem suppose leave each woman to decide for hersef.

But Halaleh Taheri, founder of Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation say, "Girls fit dey die if dem no follow proper care to do di ban."

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