Coronavirus: 'E be like wia zombie don takeover' - Nigerian student for China

Student wey cover im nose
Image example "My school dey on partial lockdown"

Some Nigerians wey dey China don describe give BBC Pidgin how tins be for di different cities wey dem dey, as di kontri dey battle wit di outbreak of di deadly Coronavirus.

One Nigerian student wey dey school for one of di universities wey dey Shenyang, Liaoning say di city be like wia 'zombie don take ova'.

For the past 48 hours, since January 26, di student wey no gree make we mention im name say im neva waka comot from im hostel as im school dey on 'partial-lockdown'.

"Evriwia just be like place wia zombie don take over - less cars, less pipo for road, stores no open. 'Didi' wey be like our own Uber for here don cost". Pipo just dey fear and evribodi dey try dey careful", im dey lament.

Though di virus neva spread reach Shenyang wia di student dey, im still dey worried.

Image example Official hold instrument to check pesin temperature

Di first case of di Coronavirus bin start for Wuhan, China for December 31, 2019 and as at January 28, 106 pipo don die from di virus.

Chinese goment also extend di Chinese New Year by three days to try control di way di virus dey spread.

Di student dey reason to come back to Nigeria till di outbreak end for China but im say im no even know weda Nigeria dey create measures against di virus.

'To get face mask for Guanzhou, China na like war'

Image copyright Dr Aliyu
Image example Dr Aliyu neva step out for almost one week

Anoda Nigerian Dr Aliyu Isa Aliyu wey be senior research associate for Sun Yatseen University for Guanzhou China, tell BBC Pidgin say, to get face mask for wia im dey na like war because of di Coronavirus.

Dr Aliyu say Guanzhou no dey on lockdown like Wuhan wia di virus start from but many pipo still dey stay indoors.

"I dey indoors for almost one week now because of wetin dey happun. Infact, wia I dey, to get face mask be like war because you no fit go out if you no wear one."

Di lecturer wey dey teach for Federal University Dutse for Nigeria say anybody wey dey enter di university environment wey im dey at di moment, officials must check dia body temperature to make sure say e dey okay.

"Anybody wey wan enter, pipo dey wey must check am, to make sure say im temperature dey normal."

Dr Aliyu say e don tok to some of im friends wey dey oda parts of China and thankfully dem dey okay and im also yan say di issue no too affect im movement sake say di university dey on break because of di Chinese New Year.

Wetin Nigeria dey do?

Currently, authorities for Nigeria neva report any case of Coronavirus for di kontri.

Di Federal Ministry of Health for Nigeria don increase screening measures for di points of entry.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) say dem dey follow World Health Organization yan closely to monitor di situation globally.

Di NCDC advice Nigerians make dem remain calm.

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Image example Empty street for China

Meanwhile, China suspend many of dia new year festivities, postpone di new semester for schools and universities nationwide without resumption date, suspend hundreds of train lines throughout di kontri and advice im citizens not to reason overseer travel for now in order not to spread di virus.

Kontries wey don record cases of di virus na Thailand, USA, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, France, Vietnam, Nepal, Canada, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Germany and Cambodia.

So far, nobody don die outside China.

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