Kano Muslims dig out Christian deadibodi dem mistake bury

Pipo dey comot sand ontop grave wit shovel Image copyright Getty Images

For Kano, northern Nigeria, di deadibodi of one man don comot di grave dem bury am put, 7 days afta, because im no be di pesin wey dem suppose bury.

But di mistake no be di fault of di pipo wey dia job na to bury deadibodi for Kano, instead dem dey accuse di morgue say di first mistake na from dem.

E happun say di Muslim community of Gandun Albasa for central Kano bin do mistake bury one Basil Ejensi instead of Abdullahi Obinwa.

Di community Chief Imam Aminu Adam tell di BBC im dey responsible for di gbege because di two deadibodi resemble each oda for im eye.

"Dem tell us for mortuary say na number 22 Abdullahi Obinwa dey and so wen I go dia to identify di bodi, Basil come resemble Obinwa wey don live wit us for 40 years. Dem two fat small and no too tall, but bia-bia no come dey," Imam Adam tok.

"When I ask di mortuary attendant say sometimes dem dey comot bia-bia from deadibodi, so na wetin make tink say na Obinwa."

Di whole katakata burst wen di Ejensi family go collect dia own pesin inside mortuary only to see say e don miss.

Di Ejensis later trace dia family member to di grave wia e don dey for 7 days, and dem come get court order to comot am.

But now dem still dey find di deadibodi of Oga Obinwa - as e no dey mortuary - so that dem go give am Muslim burial, di Imam tok.

Authorities for Aminu Kano hospital wia di mix-up bin happun, tell BBC say dem go torchlight how dis kain tin go happun for dia mortuary.

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