Maryam Sanda: 'Why cases of women wey dey kill dia husband still fit rise'

Police say di husband and wife don dey married for like three years Image copyright CC
Image example Police say di husband and wife don dey married for like three years

Many pipo for Nigeria still dey react to di court judgement of on Monday January 27, 2020, wey sentence Maryam Sanda to death by hanging, for killing her husband in 2017.

Na different reactions follow Sanda sentencing on Monday.

Why some feel say di judgement too harsh, some odas reason am differently.

Mallama Bashariya Isa wey be market woman for Kano and Hajara Musa housewife for di city say di tori of wetin happun to Sanda never comot di mind and mouth for pipo for di town.

Dem want both di authorities and parents to chook mouth for di mata to reduce di number of dis killings wey dey happun for di north.

Just as pipo dey try digest wetin happun to Maryam Sanda, anoda tori land say police for Katsina, gbab anoda 19 year old woman, Rabi Usman dat same Monday, ontop accuse say she use knife kill her husband for di northwest of di kontri.

Di tori of women wey dey attack and kill dia husband for Nigeria no dey limited to di north.

Aside from di landmark judgement for di case of Maryam Sanda, anoda Lagos based lawyer, Udeme, dey face accuse say she kill her husband, Symphorosa Otike-Odibi and cut of im manhood for 2018.

For anoda case for Ibadan, Oyo state, anoda female lawyer Yewande Oyediran collect seven years imprisonment for 2017 ontop accuse say she cause di death of her husband. Di state goment later free her for 2019.

But dis cases no too dey common before. Wetin bin common na di oda way round, 'man kill im wife' during during domestic violence palava.

Wetin don change?

Image example Maryam Sanda dey cry afta dem judge her say she guilty

Di issue of domestic violence

Hajiya Aisha Kabuga wey be di Executive Director of Women for Development and Empowerment for Kano, tell BBC say, wetin dey cause all dis tin na too much exposure to oda cultures.

"Wetin you go ask yourself be say why all dis tin no dey happun during our parents time but now? Dis na because during dia time, dem no dey exposed to oda cultures like dis time. Feems, social media and oda materials from oda places wey dey show say woman fit revenge, if her husband do her something dey play big role for wetin dey happun."

Ontop di argument say di women fit dey protect demsef from domestic violence, Hajiya Aisha no gree with wetin some pipo dey tok.

"I no gree with dat one. Almost all of di cases wey I know, no be di man dey first beat di woman, so you see say no be issue of domestic violence, let's even assume say na di man start di beating, di solution no be to carry knife or pestle hit am, na to find how you go run comot." She tok.

'Parents no dey do dia job well'

Hajiya Hadiza Ado wey be oga for Child and Women initiative for Kano say, dem record about nine cases from 2017 to dis January, of women wey either kill or badly injure dia husbands for northern Nigeria.

She say di situation dey worry her.

"Di nine cases wey we record na from all parts of northern Nigeria, Bauchi, Zamfara and odas, dis last one wey happun for Katsina na im make am nine. In my opinion, di problem wey dey cause dis tin na lack of proper upbringing, parents no dey do dia job well.

"As a a parent you suppose show your daughter how to handle different situations without violence." Hajiya Hadiza add say parents need to train dia children with di right values.

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Image example Maryam Sanda and her late husband Bilyaminu Bello

For Hajiya Aisha, serious enlightenment for all women for northern Nigeria suppose happun to reduce di cases.

"Both goments and Mallams get role to play to solve dis wahala, we no suppose sit down while di problem dey increase." She tok.

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