Self-care tips for busy women dem wey no get time to go Saloon or Spa

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Di importance of self-care no be wetin any woman, especially mama dem suppose use joke as na tins wey go improve general health and well-being.

But as many mama dem dey hustle, both for work and for house wit dia pikin dem, e dey very easy for some women to forget to take care of diasef.

Na why BBC Pidgin follow for Wellness sabi pipo tok to give sharp-sharp selfcare tips wey women fit do in 10 minutes or less.

1. Self massage

E get some places wey you need to sabi how to press by yoursef.

"E go just comot all di tension for your bodi like di sides of di head wey oyibo dey call 'temple', fingers and even leg", Oyekemi Bawa-Allah, di founder of 'Spa Pampering At Home' tell BBC Pidgin.

She dey recommend dis kain massage for busy mama dem wey no get time to waka go spa and e dey help to manage stress.

2. Drink water

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Many doctors don recommend say na two litres of water human beings need to drink evri day.

Make women dey carry dia water bottle anywia dem dey go as lack of water na wia most pipo health palava dey take start.

3. Keep 'Thank-you' journal

E dey important to get book wey you fit dey write all di good-good tins wey don happen to you evriday, including di tins wey you pray for and dem happen.

Dis one, according to di expert, go help you dey happy as you read am and you go sabi di tins wey dey make you love yourself more.

4. Coole breathing

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Dis breathing technique wey dey check hearth rate and calm di mind, according to anoda wellness sabi pesin Ogheneochuko Yesioh wey be di owner of Sparena Home Massage.

"E dey easy to do and pesin fit do am anywia. Just breathe in deeply, hold di breath for some seconds then breathe out, do am like 5 times", Yesioh explain to BBC Pidgin.

5. Feet soak

Di feet, as Yesioh take explain, na important part for pesin bodi, e get plenty nerve endings wey connect to all di bodi, so wen you coole di feet, e just be like say you coole di whole bodi.

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