Valentine messages: How to deal wit your cheating husband or bobo - Relationship sabi-pipo

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Away-match, side-chic, assistant madam - dis na some of di different slangs or code names wey pipo dey use describe di pipo wey dey involve for cheating activities or dia mistress.

E no easy for any woman to find out say her husband or boyfriend dey cheat on her.

Tins no be like before wen women go just siddon look wen dem catch dia man dey cheat.

Ladies nowadays don wise up now, but e still get plenti women wey dey feel helpless wen dem dey dis kain situation.

Dis na some secrets on how women fit deal wit dia boyfriend or husband wey dey cheat

One of di first tins to do once you find out say your man dey cheat na to 'make am big deal, shake tins for house'.

"Without scattering your home, make you still cause small wahala, show say na big deal because if you no do like dat, next time im go wan do am."

Nigerian relationship expert, Taribo Joseph na im drop dis secret give BBC Pidgin

"Threaten to expose am to pipo wey im respect, weda na to call family meeting or yan im religious society leaders, no be say to dey cover your home"

But Joseph make am clear say im no dey in support of any form of violence as a way to revenge cheating.

Step up your game

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From wetin oga Joseph tok, one of di ways to 'shake tins for your house' na step your game in a way wey go make di man feel like say im fit lose you forever.

"You no dey step up your game for di man, you dey do am for yourself. Step up how you dey dress,how you dey pursue moni, your social life."

Most men wey dey take women for granted na because of dem feel say na inside di relationship or marriage di woman go die put, Joseph explain.

Na validation and psychological problems dey make men cheat, Marriage counsellor Stephen Onojuyigbe tell BBC Pidgin.

Na dat lack of validation dey make most men dey cheat because dem feel say na wetin go make dem feel like man, according to am.

Onojuyigbe gree wit oga Joseph say make women no even try dey blame diasef say na dia fault di man dey look outside.

Im advise ladies to comot di mentality say na normal tin for man to cheat, go scott-free.

Joseph also sama warning give women to make sure say before dem sleep wit dia man wey cheat, dem must ask am to go do STD and HIV test so dat dem no go catch disease.

At di end of di day, Joseph say di couple go need come togeda to yan how dem go take move forward.

As relationship counsellor wey dey always try encourage married couples to try find ways to settle, instead of to divorce sharp-sharp.

Joseph say dat one no follow for relationship wey di man dey look outside. For cheating relationship, im advise make di girl match break for dat kain relationship.

But e get some kain case wey go bad reach wey Joseph say im go advice divorce.

If di woman don threaten, shake tins up, step up her game and di man still no send, den e beta make di woman begin plan her exit strategy, Joseph tok.

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