Cameroon crisis: 8,000 pipo run enta Nigeria inside two weeks - UNHCR

Nigerian refugees Image copyright UNHCR

United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR say 8000 pipo run enta Nigeria inside two weeks for seka fighting between separatists and goment forces.

Before Cameroon hold legislative and council elections for number 9 day for February, violence increase for Anglophone regions.

UNHCR say na through Taraba and Cross River states for Nigeria kontri pipo di trek for forest and grassland enta Nigeria.

"Refugees di run violence and some even cross border wit gunshot wound". UNHCR tok.

For October 2017 crisis for Anglophone regions turn to armed conflict as separatists start use gun for fight goment forces, for form dia own kontri- Ambazonia.

Just now, 3000 pipo don die, more dan half a million run go oda areas and de number for refugees for Nigeria now don reach 60,000.

So far, Nigeria don register, 51,000 refugees from Cameroon for 87 communities inside four states for Nigeria.

Na for schools, hospitals, and local homes where de refugees dem di stay but UNHCR and partners don arrange four settlements for dem.

UNHCR assistant representative Roger Hallo say refugees dem need support for manage on dia own.

"If deh get schools, get health services and fit do business, deh go fit also helep de community weh e di host dem", e add.

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