Coronavirus - Virus: Armed robbers thief hundreds of toilet rolls for Hong Kong

Toilet paper outside di Wellcome supermarket

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

No be all di toilet rolls dem steal, dem leave some for di shop.

Armed robbers for Hong Kong don thief hundreds of toilet rolls from inside one shop.

According to local tori pipo, di three armed robbers carry knives take threaten di delivery worker wey carry plenti toilet rolls drop for outside one supermarket.

Di robbery happun on Monday for Mong Kok, one area for Hong Kong wey get history of crime and gangsterism.

Local media say police don arrest di robbers and dem don collect di toilet rolls. According to tori, Armed robbers di toilet rolls cost pass 130 dollars.

Toilet rolls dey in short supply for Hong Kong because of di panic buying wey pipo dey do sake of di coronavirus outbreak.

Supplies no too dey for shops wey dey di city, as pipo dey rush to buy wetin dem need, as supplies dey enta.

Even though goment give assurance say outbreak of di virus no go affect supplies, pipo still dey buy excess toilet roll keep in case.

Other household products wey pipo dey rush to buy na rice, pasta and cleaning items.

Products like face masks and hand sanitisers no even dey market as pipo don buy dem finish to protect demselves from coronavirus wey don kill more dan 1700 pipo.

Authorities for Hong Kong blame social media for di fake report wey dey make pipo do panic buying. Dem say prices of food and household items no change.

For Singapore wey get 75 confirmed cases of coronavirus, panic buying dey there too, as pipo dey rush to buy toilet rolls, hand sanitizers and face mask.