Street Lights: Why Kano govnor appoint me special adviser- Salisu

Kingdom with Kano State goment secretary Usman Alhaji after im appointment

Wia dis foto come from, Auwal Salisu

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Kingdom with Kano State goment secretary Usman Alhaji after im appointment

Auwal Salisu a.k.a Kingdom wey Kano govnor Dr Abdullahi Ganduje appoint as special adviser on street lights tell BBC say di reason di govnor appoint am na because e dey always put eye for wetin concern streetlights for im area.

Di special adviser collect im appointment letter few days ago and e go serve for di remaining tenure of govnor Ganduje.

Kingdom add say anoda reason na because e try wella for di govnor during campaign and govnor Ganduje na pesin wey no dey forget pesin wey help am.

"Number one be say me na pesin wey get interest for street lights mata wella because e dey help reduce crime at night and also help pipo wey dey do night business."

"Anoda major thing why govnor appoint me be say govnor Ganduje no dey ever forget pesin wey help am, i dey among pipo wey try for am during election time so na payback for sure."

Kingdom say in terms of education, after im secondary school na computer class e go wia e get diploma in computer operation but e dey plan to further im education.

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Kingdom also yan say wetin im wan achieve before di end of im tenure na to see say all di street lights wey dey Kano dey work everytime.

"Before na diesel we dey use for our streetlights for Kano but some bad pipo dey go steal am even di lights sef but now we wan change plan so dat all di street lights go get central unit."

"Before di end of our tenure by di grace of God every street light for Kano go dey work all di time, we don start work already."

Dis no be di first time wey Kano goment dey get dis kain unique appointment. Dem also get special adviser to di govnor on graveyards matters.

Di appointment of Kingdom as adviser on street lights cause plenti tok tok on social media with Nollywood star Kate Henshaw posting say now she don see everything for dis world after dis appointment.