Anglophone crisis: Rawlings send strong message to world leaders say deh quiet over killings

Jerry Rawlings

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Former Ghana President Jerry Rawlings di vex on how de world dey report di killings wey dey happun for di Anglophone regions for Cameroon.

According to di former president, di world and international news media no di give plenti attention to di mata.

Inside message for Facebook e title, 'Why di world silent over South Cameroons', Rawlings vex write say de world no di pay attention for de barbarism weh e di go on for Anglophone regions.

Rawlings tok afta de killings of 14 pikin dem among 22 pipo for Ngarbuh village, Donga and Mantung Division, Northwest Cameroon.

For number 14 day for February 22 pipo die for killings for Ngarbuh village and three days afta Cameroon military say na by accident weh deh kill five pipo.

"Why Facebook, Twitter and oda social media no dey allow some of dis video wey go shock pipo come out so di world go see how dem dey brutalize our African compatriots?

Why France and di rest of di world dey look di oda way wen e suit dia selfish interest.?

How US, UK and dia western allies fit watch Marcon e beast do dis for English speaking Cameroonians".?

What about di African Union"? Rawlings tok.

Di former president also pinch tori house laik BBC and odas say deh no de do enough and even wen deh report deh di make de mata no look big.

De former Ghana leader say taim don reach for all pipo and kontries for rise up look for solution for stop de havoc.