Nigeria dey behind Sierra Leone, South Sudan for WHO ranking of kontris wey no fit protect pikin health


Wia dis foto come from, Science Photo Library

Nigeria dey among bottom kontris wey no fit protect pikin health, dia environmemnt and future of dia children.

Tori be say one new report from World Health Organization togeda wit ogbonge researchers for Lancet wey dem release Tuesday night tok say Nigeria dey 174 position behind Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

Di report, wey dem title- A Future for di World Children compare di performance of child wey dey prosper among 180 kontries of di world.

Claes Johansson, UNICEF Nigeria Representative tok say:

"Dis don show how far we still need to go for Nigeria to make sure say children fit live healthy lives for environment wia dem fit prosper."

" We know say to invest for di future of our children, give dem education and make sure say dem dey healthy and dey receive di right nutrition, go help provide beta future for everyone. We all get responsibility to do everything we fit do to protect di health and future of everi Nigerian child."

How dem take do di ranking

Di ranking dey based on factors wey include means of how pikin dey survive and well-being like health, education, nutrition, equity and income gaps.

Organizations wey join hand do dis ogbonge report na World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and The Lancet and na yesterday dem release am.

Di report find out say di health and future of every child and adolescent all ova di world dey under serious threat from ecological degradation, climate change and marketing practices wey dey take advantage of children-dat na to entice children with heavily processed fast food, sugary drinks, alcohol and tobacco.

According to di report, no single kontri dey really protect children health, dia environment and futures well-well.

But e show say children for Norway, di Republic of Korea, and di Netherlands get di best chance of survival and well-being, while children for Central African Republic, Chad, Somalia, Niger and Mali face di worst.

Dem advice Nigeria to among oda tins do di following:

Oda actions on child and adolescent health

To protect children, di independent Commission authors call for new global movement wey go dey focus on children. Dia recommendation include:

1.Stop CO2 emissions wit di sharpely-sharperly, to make sure say children get future for dis planet

2.Place pikins and young adults dey for number one category to achieve sustainable development

3.Put new policies and investment inside all sectors wey go target pikin health and rights.

4.Hear from di children and add dia voices for any policy decisions

5.Tighten national control of commercial marketing wey dey harmful to children, and support am wit di new Optional Protocol to di UN Convention on di Rights of di Child.