EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu tok wey yan say corruption cause coronavirus na 'slip of tongue'

EFCC Chairman, Magu

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/EFCC

Nigeria corruption police don explain wetin dia oga mean afta im bin tok say na 'corruption cause coronavirus'.

Di acting chairmo of Economic and Financial crime commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu be mean say "corruption dey worse than cancer, ebola-virus, corona-virus and all oda deadly diseases put togeda."

Dis na according to Tony Orilade wey be tok-tok pesin for EFCC. E tell BBC Pidgin say na slip of tongue from wetin dey oga Magu speech.

"Wetin im mean be say Cancer, Ebola virus and even Coronavirus no dey as deadly as corruption. Pipo no understand wetin im tok and dem no wan understand."

"Make I dey honest wit you, pipo just dey look for fault, dem dey wait for am to take wrong step so dat e go make headline. What of di tins wey dey happun during di event wia im attend, what of di fight against corruption wey dey visible."

Oga Tony add say di fight against corruption dey bigger than small-small issue, and make Nigerians join hand togeda to fight corruption.

Di video of wen di acting EFCC chairmo tok say na corruption cause coronavirus don cause serious tok-tok for social media.

Oga Magu bin tok am during di passing out parade of EFCC Detective Inspector Course Five for Kaduna State, Nigeria.

For di statement wia di speech dey, e say di fight against corruption is a clarion call, because corruption na huge burden to di nation and e don spread e cancerous effects give all areas of pipo lives.