Immigration: No more UK visa for low-skilled workers afta BREXIT, dis na why and wetin go happen next

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
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UK goment don reveal plan to stop to dey give visa to low-skilled workers under post-Brexit immigration plans.

Di plan na to make employers stop to dey depend on "cheap labour" from Europe and retain staff.

Low-skilled workers na pipo wey no get or need high education (University) degree to do dia work. Eg. bricklayers, waiters for restaurants.

Authorities say wit dis policy, dem go dey treat EU and non-EU citizens wey dey come UK equal-equal chance.

Labour complain say di "harsh environment" go make am hard to attract workers but Home Secretary Priti Patel say di new system go mean say na "only di best set of pipo wey dey very intelligent go fit enta di United Kingdom".

Why UK dey set dis policy?

Dis new policy go take effect post-Brexit from January 1, 2021 - wen UK don comot for EU kpatakpata for December 31, 2020.

Goment wan use dis method to reduce di number of pipo wey dey enta UK.

But goment no go introduce any method for workers wey no too get skills to enta UK, to ginger business retain staff and adjust to di end of free movement between EU kontries and di UK.

For di new policy, dem go comot skills like waiter and some kain farm work but dem dey add skills like carpenter, plastering and nanny.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Immigrants wey get PhD for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths go get extra 20 points

How e go work?

Di goment wan bring "points based" immigration system, wey dem bin promise for di Conservative election.

For inside, foreigners go need to reach 70 points if dem wan work for di UK.

If pesin sabi speak English and don find skilled work with "approved sponsor", dat pesin don already get 50 points.

Dem go give more points for tins like qualification, di salary you dey make and weda you dey work for wia labour no too dey.

Dis na how you go fit get 70 points:

Wetin go happun next?

Just like Canada and Australia immigration system, di UK go begin use points-based system for immigration.

E go favour non-EU citizens wey be skilled workers but dem go need to gather points.

Overseas worker wey wan go UK go need to sabi speak English and get offer for skilled work wit "approved sponsor".

If di pesin get all dis tins, im go get 70 points.

Oda tins like qualifications, salary wey di UK employer dey offer and job offer for sectors wey get shortages go get points.

In total, immigrants go need to reach 70 points to fit work for UK.