Mother Language Day: Meet Fulanis wey no sabi any Fulfulde word

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Yarwa Sumaila and Aminu Uba
Wetin we call dis foto,

According to United Nations (UN) anytime wey any language die, di world dey lose a lot of tin from di culture and way of life of those pipo wey dey very sad.

34 year old Yarwa Sumaila and 28 year old Aminu Uba na two Fulanis wey dey stay Kano and dem tell BBC say e dey pain dem say dia parents no teach dem a single word from di language.

Friday 21 February na United Nations Mother Language Day and according to UN di day na to bring attention and to try bring back to life languages wey dey about to die on because dem say one language dey disappear from di world every two weeks.

Fulfude na language wey pipo dey speak for Niger-Congo›Atlantic-Congo›Atlantic›Northern›Senegambian›Fula-Wolof›Fula›East Central Africa. But e be like say many natives like Yarwa and Aminu no dey fit speak di language again.

Dat one mean say di language fit also dey at rist of languages for world wey go soon disappear.

Yarwa tok say since e small e no dey stay wit im family wey dey stay Sumaila for Kano, North West Nigeria so e no stay with dem long enough to sabi di language.

"Since I small na city I dey wit Hausa pipo and na only Hausa I dey speak and if I go my hometown na just for few days and my parents no dey speak Fulfulde wit me except Hausa, so na dis one no make me learn anything."

BBC Reporter for Kano ask Yarwa wetin be 'Miharri' (beleful) for Fulani language and e tok say e no know wetin e be.

Di kontri leader, President Muhammadu Buhari na Fulani man.

Aminu na anoda Fulani pesin wey no sabi any single word and e say na im parents no teach am.

"I go advise parents to always teach dia children dia mother tongue, as I dey so my parents no teach me anytin for Fulfulde and e pain me, so now I no fit teach my own children any Fulani word wey no good."

"As I dey see am Fulani dey among di languages wey fit die in di next few years because most Fulanis now na Hausa dem dey speak."

Dr Ibrahim Garba Satatima na lecturer for department of Nigerian Languages Bayero University Kano and e tell BBC say di reason why Fulani language dey go down be say Hausa overpower Fulfulde.

"Di Fulanis wey dey cities no dey speak di language and some no even sabi am and di ones wey dey villages dem no go fit speak Fulfulde for five minutes without adding Hausa words inside, so na dat interaction with Hausa over di years and Hausa pipo plenti pass wey make Fulanis enter dis problem."

"If you go Bauchi State e get some languages wey be say pipo wey dey speak dem no pass 200 pipo and na older pipo wey reach 70 to 80 years, pipo below 50 years no sabi anything for di language tell me how dat kain language no go die in di next few years."

According to United Nations (UN) anytime wey any language die, di world dey lose a lot of tin from di culture and way of life of those pipo wey dey very sad.

UNESCO declare 21 February as International Mother Language Day for 1999. Since 21 February 2000, dem don dey observe am throughout di world.