SONA2020: Why 2020 be ‘Year of Roads’ and important issues to Ghanaians wey Prez Akufo-Addo miss

President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana

Wia dis foto come from, @NAkufoAddo/Twitter

President Akufo-addo yeste address Ghanaians on the state of the nation as part of en constitutional obligations to citizens.

While de address cover chaw areas, he spend more time for some issues top, less on others wey he miss others.

Make we analyse de President en national address.

Time and Focus

Dis be de amount of time de Ghanaian leader spend on some issues wey dey en address inside.

He spend 18 minutes which be 20.5% on infrastructure and development, 10 minutes on de economy which dey represent 11.4%, 9 minutes on health which be 10.2% of en address.

Dis be de top three issues he spend time on, but de least amount of time he spend dey on energy where he spend just one minute, that be 1.1% of en speech.

Again he only spend 1 minute on creative arts which dey represent another 1.1% den lastly election 2020 which score high small pass de bottom issues at 2 minutes which dey rep 2.3%.

Dr Etse Sikanku, Chief Discourse Analyst for Centre Public Discourse Analysis talk BBC Pidgin say from de above time wey de President dedicate give each issue one go fit tell where en focus dey.

"These things dey show we de President en focus or priority areas" Dr Sikanku explain.

He san add say "that dey explain why year of roads become major theme from de speech sake of roads dey fall under infrastructure."

Missed Issues

Despite de many issues wey Prez Akufo-Addo talk about, he miss some key issues which be very important to Ghanaians like road accidents den stuff.

Recently, more Ghanaians den media people dey do campaign on de level of road accidents for de country.

According to Dr Sikanku, while dis be very popular issue de Prez no talk about am except say he mention something about ambulances supporting emergency cases.

But say he go tackle de issue of road accidents, enforcement of speed limiters or ways dem go talk resolve de matter he no talk.

Centre for Public Discourse Analysis say while e be important to focus on what he talk, what de President of Ghana no touch on too be very important to highlight.

According to Dr Sikanku "while de speech be good, he [Akufo-addo] no go deep on certain areas especially when de expectation be say he go give update on certain key promises and projects wey dem talk about dey do like."