Sussex Royal: Why Harry and Meghan wan say bye-bye to dia brand name

Meghan and Prince Harry

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Di Duke and Duchess of Sussex wan stop to dey use dia "SussexRoyal" brand from April 2020.

Di couple bin don dey discuss with aides and senior royals about using di name afta dia decision to step back from royal duties for January.

But according to one tok tok pesin for di couple, dey agree say dem no fit use di word "royal" because of goment rules.

Dem don also withdraw di applications to trademark di SussexRoyal brand.

Di couple popular Instagram account and website dey use di name SussexRoyal.

One spokesperson for di Sussexes say dem dey "focused" on plans to start dia new organisation for April. But dem don agree say dem no go name am Sussex Royal Foundation.

"Di Duke and Duchess of Sussex no plan to use 'SussexRoyal' for any territory afta-spring 2020." di tok tok pesin add.

Dem bin announce am dis week say di couple go officially step down from 31 march.

As e be, dem no go cari out any duty on behalf of di Queen but review of dis arrangement go happun afta 12 months.

Before Harry and Meghan announce dia plans to step back from royal duties for January, dem don bin tok about how dem dey struggle to deal with di plenti-plenti tori about dem from di media.