Cambodia sisters, 98 and 101, meet again after 47 years

Bun Sen and Bun Chea

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Bun Sen, left, and Bun Chea see each oda last for 1973

Two Cambodia sisters Bun Sen and Bun Chea wey be 98 and 101years-old see themselves again for di first time in 47 years after di two of dem tink say di oda pesin don die during di Khmer Rouge's 1970s reign of terror.

Bun Sen, 98, also meet her 92-year-old brother, who she also tink say die, according to one local NGO.

Di two sisters bin see each oda last for 1973, two years before Pol Pot take control of Cambodia.

Like two million pipo na im pipo tink say die when Khmer Rouge rule.

Many families bin break up during dis period, as dem separate children from dia parents becos di regime wan take total control of di kontri.

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Pol Pot bin show picture to world pipo say Cambodians dey flourish under im radical leadership

Wia dis foto come from, CCF

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Bun Sen also reunite with her 92-year-old brother, left

Bun Sen lose her husband wen Pol Pot regime dey rule before dem overthrow am for 1979. Bun Sen find one ghetto area wey dirty plenty to live for Stung Meanchey for di capital, Phnom Penh.

For long time, everyday she go dey scata dirty dey find recyclables to sell, and she dey care for children wey dey live for poor pipo area.

Her dream na to travel go her village for Kampong Cham province, wey be 90 miles east from di capital Phnom Penh.

But plenti factors, like her age and say she no too fit walk neva make her do di journey.

Who be Khmer Rouge?

  • Di brutal Khmer Rouge dem, bin dey power from 1975-1979, and dem claim di lives of around two million pipo
  • Di Pol Pot regime try to take Cambodia back go back Middle Ages, dem force millions of pipo from cities to begin work for farms wey dey countryside
  • Di UN help establish tribunal to try Khmer Rouge leaders wey survive, di work start for 2009
  • Only three former Khmer Rouge na im dem sentence - Kaing Guek Eav, wey dey in charge of di notorious Tuol Sleng jail, di regime head of state Khieu Samphan and person wey be Pol Pot second-in-command, Nuon Chea

One Local NGO, Cambodian Children Fund - wey dey support Bun Sen since 2004 - na dem begin arrange how she go take visit her village.

Na wen dey reach there, dey come see say Bun Sen sister and brother still dey alive and dem dey live for di village.

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Na near here Bun Sen live, next to di Stung Meanchey dump, as dem see for 2008

After almost 50 years, Bun Sen bin reunite with her big sister Bun Chea and younger brother last week.

Bun Sen tok say she comot for her village since and she dey always tink say her sisters and brothers don die.

She say to hold her older sister and for her younger brother to touch her "mean so much to her.

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Di sisters don begin dey tour Phnom Penh together

Wia dis foto come from, CCF

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Bun Chea, left, and Bun Sen dey look di Tonle Sap river for Phnom Penh

Her elder sister, Bun Chea, husband die for di Khmer Rouge hand, make her turn wid+ow with 12 children, she too tok say she believe say her younger sister don die.

Di sisters dey make up for lost time. Dis week dem go tour di capital togeda.