Cameroon goment answer tok say Macron pressure Biya for free Kamto from prison

President Paul Biya and President Emmanuel Macron

Wia dis foto come from, Presidency/Facebook

Cameroon goment don respond to video wey show wia French President Emmanuel Macron tok how 'e push' President Paul Biya to free opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party president Prof. Maurice Kamto.

Goment tok-tok pesin Rene Sadi cosh na activist, Tiam Abdoulaye weh e kweshion President Macron for agric show, but no deny weti de president tok.

Tiam Abdoulaye hala from back say e bi don write letter, Macron no answer, na so Macron say make de lef e, e kam asks de kweshion dem as Macron inaugurate agric show.

Week-end bin hot wit video weh e komot for social media, di show activist weh e claim say e bi Cameroonian kweshion French President Emmanuel Macron about Anglophone crisis.

French president tok how e give condition say if Paul Biya no free opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party president Prof. Maurice Kamto make e no kam for Paris for Global Fund meeting for HIV/AIDS fro December 2019.

Goment bin catch prof. Maurice Kamto and e supporters put am for prison for more dan six moons as deh no gree 2018 elections results.

Macron also tok for di video say "next week, e go call President Biya, make for put pressure make e solve Anglophone crisis."

Goment for e release di instead cosh na Tiam Abdoulaye, say how e go kweshion president, for kontri weh e get correct relationship wit Cameroon.

Deh di doubt if de activist na really Cameroonian as e claim, for seka say, e name instead look laik name for Senegal.

Goment say for gree for kombi e request no bi for bow for pressure. Goment say make kontri pipo weh deh dey abroad bi patriotic, protect image and inerest for kontri.

For de Anglophone crisis, goment still maintain say army no kill pipo for Ngarbuh, and say massacre no dey for Cameroon, deh bi professional di carry out dis duty normally.

Goment say all action weh deh don take na for keep e border not genocide as de activist tok.